Laura Bisericanu, vegetarian, Romanian-born, UK-acclimatised optimist.

BA in Comparative Literature and French, MA in Publishing, Editorial Assistant in trade.

Q: Why did you settle on a blog as your platform?
A: Please see this post.

Q: Ok, you read. What else?
A: I bake (have you heard of this revolutionary concept we have, ‘cake’? I figured out how to make one at home. Things kinda went askew from there). I do HIIT training (no, not at the gym with an instructor). Quidditch tournaments, hiking, cycling – usually after a week of yoga, so it really gets my everything going. I do stuff that involves dexterity, from intricate crafts to speed-based video games. I play some music, more or less well.

Q: How many languages do you actually speak?
First things first, I am considerably better at writing than I am at speaking.
Fluent in Romanian (native), English, and French. I will half-understand written or spoken Italian, Spanish, and German. That being said, I would be cautious about making free use of Greek, Portuguese, Catalan, Latin (?), Hungarian or other European languages. You never know.

Q: Are you on _____ social network?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you give me your username/blog name/community?
A: Maybe?