Biannual Bibliothon


While I did start this one a tad late, I am consciously reading my days away.
I will not be doing any of the video challenges because in the state of imponderable chaos I find myself in, the last thing I am able to do is sit down and start vlogging. So I picked my share of their reading challenges and will try to achieve the following:

  • Read a 2016 new release.
  • Read a book you were really excited for but never picked up.
  • Read a diverse book

I am not keen on forensic fantasy series so I will skip their recommended group book,
Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalo. As for the academic journal I was undertaking (Caietele Echinox #26/2014), it turned out that a comparative analysis of transcendental metaphors in French might be a bit much for me to take in with my morning coffee. Therefore I am slowly but steady making progress on that front, but will not count that book until the read-a-thon that coincides with me finishing it.


It’s snowing here, and by snow I don’t mean magical white fluff Frozen style, I mean Game of Thrones bring it on apocalypse style.


Consequently, I have activated my game time for World of Warcraft: Legion and started slashing stuff. So between that, squeezing in all the social activities I can do before leaving for Uni, and getting my affairs in order (yes, it sounds like I am a hundred because I probably am; turns out you still have to deal with bureaucracy even if you live in a foreign country on the other side of the continent), I hope to be able to read what I outlined in this post. Ready to read-a-thon?


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